Big Eastern Coffee Championships Heading to Durham Nov. 21-23

The SCAA and Barista Guild of America have confirmed the schedule for this year’s Big Eastern regional U.S. Coffee Championships, taking place Nov. 21-23 at the Durham Convention Center in Durham, N.C. The Big Eastern is the last of three regional rounds leading up to the U.S. Coffee Championships — including the U.S. Barista Championship and the U.S. Brewers Cup […]

Starbucks Piloting Mobile Trucks at Three U.S. College Campuses

Starbucks is getting into the mobile game, unveiling three pilot trucks at college campuses this back-to-school season. The trucks will be licensed and operated by Aramark, with which Starbucks has some longstanding relationships at college campuses throughout the country. Starbucks says the trucks will have a menu of drinks and food “nearly identical to what customers would find in their neighborhood Starbucks […]

A Crippa et al, 2014. Coffee Consumption and Mortality from All Causes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer: A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis, American Journal of Epidemiology, published online ahead of print.


Several studies have analyzed the relationship between coffee consumption and mortality, but the shape of the association remains unclear. We conducted a dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies to examine the dose-response associations between coffee consumption and mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and all cancers. Pertinent studies, published between 1966 and 2013, were identified by searching PubMed and by reviewing the reference lists of the selected articles. Prospective studies in which investigators reported relative risks of mortality from all causes, CVD, and all cancers for 3 or more categories of coffee consumption were eligible. Results from individual studies were pooled using a random-effects model. Twenty-one prospective studies, with 121,915 deaths and 997,464 participants, met the inclusion criteria. There was strong evidence of nonlinear associations between coffee consumption and mortality for all causes and CVD (P for nonlinearity < 0.001). The largest risk reductions were observed for 4 cups/day for all-cause mortality (16%, 95% confidence interval: 13, 18) and 3 cups/day for CVD mortality (21%, 95% confidence interval: 16, 26). Coffee consumption was not associated with cancer mortality. Findings from this meta-analysis indicate that coffee consumption is inversely associated with all-cause and CVD mortality.

Fraudulent Fillers in Coffee Revisited: The Coffee Fights Back

Earlier this month, we reported on release by the American Chemical Society leading up to the group’s annual conference that suggested widespread use of filler ingredients like plant husks and twigs in ground coffee products. The release itself began with the phrase “Coffee drinkers beware,” and the news has since been picked up by hundreds of mainstream news sources in the […]

Pacific Coast Coffee Association’s 83rd Convention Coming in September

(Press release from the Pacific Coast Coffee Association. Claims not verified or endorsed by Daily Coffee News.) The Pacific Coast Coffee Association (PCCA) will be having its 83rd Annual Convention will be held from September 18-20th 2014 at the Sunriver Resort located in Sunriver, Oregon. Registration ends Friday August 29, 2014. The program for the event will cover the timeliest […]

My Summer Vacation: A Coffee Journal by Michael Sheridan

Some people go to a lake in the Northwoods; others pack up the minivan and head to a Disney resort; others yet gaze upon Mount Rushmore, Niagra Falls or the Rocky Mountains. For his summer vacation, regular Daily Coffee News contributor and CRS Coffeelands blog author Michael Sheridan drinks coffee. Of course, Sheridan can’t be everywhere, but here’s how he spent […]

Qian Xiao et el, 2014, Inverse Association of Total and Decaffeinated Coffee with Liver Enzymes in NHANES 1999 – 2010. Hepatology, published online ahead of print.

Background: Coffee may have hepatoprotective effects and higher coffee consumption has been associated inversely with levels of liver enzymatic markers. However, it is unclear whether decaffeinated coffee is also associated with liver enzymes.
Methods: The study population included 27,793 participants, age 20 or older, in the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1999-2010). Coffee intake was evaluated by 24-hour dietary recall. Serum levels of aminotransferase (ALT), aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and gamma glutamyl transaminase (GGT) were measured. We examined the relationship between coffee intake and enzymatic levels using weighted multiple variable logistic (abnormally elevated levels of enzymes) and linear regression (continuous enzymatic levels).
Results:  Total coffee consumption was inversely associated with abnormal levels of all four liver enzymes and continuous levels of AST, ALP and GGT. Compared to those reporting no coffee consumption, participants reporting ≥3 cups per day had an odds ratio (OR) (95% confidence interval (CI)) of 0.75 (0.63, 0.89)), 0.82 (0.68, 0.98), 0.73 (0.55, 0.95) and 0.69 (0.57, 0.83) for abnormal levels of ALT, AST, ALP and GGT, respectively. Similar inverse associations were found with decaffeinated coffee intake and abnormal levels of ALT (OR ≥2 vs0 cup/d : 0.62 (0.41, 0.94)), AST (0.74 (0.49, 1.11)), and GGT (0.70, 0.49-1.00).
Conclusion:  Higher intakes of coffee, regardless of its caffeine content, were associated with lower levels of liver enzymes. (Hepatology 2014;).

Coming to Columbus: A New Bar and Roasting HQ for Brioso Coffee

Cafe Brioso, a roastery and cafe that has become a downtown Columbus, Ohio, staple over the past 13 years, is hoping to dramatically increase its production capacity and double its retail presence with the opening of a new headquarters this winter. The Brioso team says the new facility in the Discovery District will have an open floor plan, open cupping and laboratory […]

Inside Denver’s Newest Craft Coffee Bar, The Study at Hotel Teatro

In restaurant conception, it’s always good to have a coffee advocate. In the case of the historic Hotel Teatro in downtown Denver, that advocate was Jake Linzinmeir of the Denver-based restaurant consultancy Blau + Associates, who brought in local Method Roasters early on during a major restaurant redesign. Method is supplying coffee not only to the new Rocky Mountains-inspired restaurant, The Nickel, it’s […]

Say Hello to AltoAir, a Wall-Free Pour Over System from Bairro Alto

The highly design-minded team at British product maker Bairro Alto recently released the AltoAir, a pour over system that visually and functionally more resembles a nest. Here Bairro Alto describes the impetus for the wall-free design: Pour over brewing can yield amazing results, but many people find the filter papers stick to the walls of the brewer and block up. This makes […]